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When working towards correcting skin issues, slow but steady wins the race. Best advice? Allow your skin the time to acclimate and adjust comfortably to any new routine that you introduce. Otherwise, you risk unwanted reactions and irritations that can only add to your issues. Let your new routine take its course. If it's not the right change for you, your skin will let you know! The questions are: am I not getting to the skin I would like to have because I'm using the wrong ingredients for my skin, or from improper use or application of the product, or am I just not allowing the product and routine the proper time necessary to take effect?

The answers? Well, the easier solution is if you aren't applying appropriately or if you are using the wrong ingredients for your skin, you will see an adverse reaction fairly quickly and would do best to stop the use of that product. But if you're impatient about getting results (as most of us are), this is a bit trickier to figure out because good results - the ones really worth their grain in salt - take a bit of time. You may see anything in the range of no noticeable change at first to some slight changes for the better that will improve given time and repeated use.

Check out this article on the topic:

"Trying to Undo Your Summer Skin Sins Too Quickly"

Article excerpt by Megan Deem on

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