Water, Water Everywhere!

Great way to keep healthy, youthful-looking skin: rinse your face with water! That's right. It's sounds so simple that it can't be true. It's got to be more complicated than that to work and be effective. Not so much. We already know water's benefits to the internal organs of our body, but what about the external part? Our body just happens to carry the largest of our organs on the outside - our skin! So if water is so fabulous for us inside, could it be any less for our skin? Washing your face (with soap) several times a day is not a good idea for several reasons. One is that it can strip much of your skin's natural oils and nutrients that help keep it operating properly. This can easily lead to dry, irritated skin (an express ticket to aged-looking skin). Wash once or twice a day as a rule. One important thing we've all heard is to make sure you go to bed with clean skin. Live by this rule, it pays off. If you're too busy, too tired and just can't do a proper cleaning before sleep, make sure to at least do a water rinse to clear some of the day's debris, clear some pores and give your skin some much needed and deserved oxygen - let her breathe! So, a quick note to our make-up wearers out there, unfortunately just rinsing your face with water before retiring for the night won't cut it for healthy skin. Your quick cheat if you're tired and beat (haha, rhyme!) will be to gently (especially around the eyes) wipe your face down with a face cleaning wipe. Yes To Cucumbers is a favorite. There. Simple, easy, effective. Now to all of our beautiful faces out there, happy watering ;-) !!!

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