Reset Your Way to Healthy Body

Body reset? Ok, buckle-in. This is a long one so let's start! A great way to get the inner workings of your body "back to center" is through a body cleanse that helps to release toxins that get stored in cells over time. A gradual cleanse is a good way to go vs. an abrupt version, which shocks your system into compliance and will net you short-term results but the long-term effects are generally undesirable (like weight yo-yo'ing, for example). A gradual cleanse weans you off of ingesting poor dietary substances, say over a three day period, and introduces detoxifying ingredients to your system in the same incremental manner. Start by cutting out the following (try eliminating 1 or 2 of these items per day vs eliminating them all at once): refined or processed sugar (organic cane sugar, honey or agave can be used instead) refined or processed breads (organic multigrain is a good alternative) caffeine, carbonated beverages, all processed foods (think organic & freshly prepared foods instead), fried foods, red meats (even if it is organic) and dairy. At the same time you begin eliminating the previously mentioned items, gradually begin adding the following: water, dark leafy green vegetables, garlic, onions, ginger, oranges, lemons, limes and tropical fruits (those who have sensitivities to some of these items, simply leave them out). Here's a wonderful homemade ginger ale with citrus recipe that is great for stomach/intestine-balancing (great for drinking daily): 3 tea bags of any decaffeinated tea or herbal tea, 1/4 to 1/2 lb. of ginger (depending on your preference), 1 orange, 1 lemon, 1 lime and enough water to fill a regular-sized pitcher (about 3/4 gallon) and honey to sweeten to taste. Directions: (1) rinse the skins of the fruits and ginger well under warm water (scrub brush can also be used to cleanse), (2) use a peeler to peel the skins of the fruits and put them into a pot of the water, (3) chop up the ginger and add to the water, (4) add the tea bags to the water and bring all to a boil, (5) turn the heat down and let simmer for 20 mins, (6) remove from heat and add honey to sweeten, (7) once cool (ice can be added to speed up the process) squeeze the juice from the peeled lime and lemon into the water. For those who are not on a cleanse, this is a great drink to have often anyway! Seltzer water or club soda (organic if you please) can be added as well (for those not on the cleanse). Whole Foods also has a good detox package called Whole Body Cleanse that he

lps release water weight as well. Body cleansing with either store-bought detox packages or home remedies are best done occasionally only to assist your body's natural funtioning - not to replace it. Every few months, even seasonly, is a good practice in order to allow your body to carry out it's normal functions naturally and unassisted as much as possible. Another great help to your body is eating smaller portions! This helps by allowing your body the time it needs to process what you've given it and eliminates the need for it to work so hard on a "back log" of food sitting in your system. Smaller portions will help your stomach to shrink back to a more manageable size, which allows for less over-eating because you feel full much sooner than when you eat with on an expanded stomach. So, happy cleansing to all! Cheers.

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