Our organic hydrosol moisturizes, hydrates, soothes, nurtures and heals skin.  Use on face and body to keep skin feeling and looking youthful and to add a healthy, dewy glow, day or night.  Can be used underneath or on top of your normal skin care or makeup routine and is a great skin toner.  Hydrosols contain the non-volatile properties of the essential oils of a flower or plant.  Therefore, they not only assist in skin hydration and healing, the aromatic properties also have the benefit of soothing and uplifting the mind and senses.  Rose is rich in vitamin C and boosts collagen.  Calendula is a wonderful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and wound healer.  Lavender is great for sensitive or irritated skin.  Sage aids in stimulating circulation.  Made with distilled water, flower, plant or herbs, reiki and Love.

Belles&Beaus Organic Face & Body Hydrosol

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