Luxuriate|Belles&Beaus, our organic spa & beauty line, brings your skin "back to center".  All of our products contain oatmeal and olive oil for a base that gives your skin one of the best, most healthy foundations to start from.   Olive oil is one of nature’s amazing moisturizers that blends well with oatmeal – one of the best skin-balancing  and equalizing agents around.  Each product is also reiki-infused so that you receive the full, integrated wholeness and health benefits each ingredient has to offer.  Our unique blend of ingredients has been shown to do something we’ve termed, “…bringing your skin back to center…”.


Use of our products has shown an evening-out of many skin discolorations including dark spots, scars, stretch marks, and helps to produce a general, all-around healthy glow.  From dry skin to oily, from sensitive to acne-prone skin, to aging skin, insect bites or other skin issues, we tailor our skin care to individual's specific skin care needs.  


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