The study of angels brings us closer to understanding these energetic beings, as well as how best to incorporate these energetic beings into our day-to-day lives.


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This healing form stretches all throughout humanity's history.  It was repopularized more recently in the early 1920's by a Japanese monk and is currently undergoing its own modern renaissance.  Many of today's physicians and healthcare systems have begun to incorporate reiki into their healthcare insurance plans and coverage due to its valuable benefits.

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Most people have gotten some sense of what astrology is at some point during their lives.


Astrology is the study of the influence that heavenly bodies have in our lives.


So what does it mean when your moon is in Aries or when you have Pluto in your 5th house?  What does an Ascendant mean for that matter?


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CertifiedAngelReadings & Reiki Therapy


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