We were born from a dedication to and a talent for spotting and revealing the innate perfection in all things and consequently, shining a spotlight on that inherent beauty in a way that aesthetically pleases and delights.  Our philosophy is that when surrounded by a visually-appealing, well-organized setting, it in-turn soothes and positively stimulates our inner world.  We also believe that when this setting exists in harmony with our natural surrounding environment, a mutually-beneficial relationship develops.  ENCHANTEDevening realizes that this harmonized relationship doesn't need to exlude luxury.  In fact, design aesthetics, livable luxury and social and environmental consciousness make the perfect marriage.  It's a state of being and of mind that we live by.  The results of this lifestyle are increased health, vitality and longevity, not only for ourselves, but for the environment and our entire world us as well.





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